Winterize Yourself this Year

Getting ready for winter isn’t just for homes. You can winterize yourself mentally and physically for the long cold winter ahead. Winter is the season that brings on the flu, colds, and seasonal depression. If you think you are suffering from seasonal depression, please contact your healthcare provider.

When the days get shorter, it’s a lot harder to find motivation to workout and exercise. Even the temperature outside affects the way we feel about physical fitness. If you wake up earlier, when the sun rises, this will give you a boost in motivation. Waking up at dawn will allow you time to work out in the morning. This will keep energy flowing with you all day.

Because the lack of daylight in the winter, our bodies lose some important vitamins. Specifically, vitamin D and A. By taking over the counter supplements, such as a multivitamin, you can keep your body from missing any other important nutrients.

Just because it is winter out doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped inside. The best way to battle the winter blues is finding an activity for outside. Some activities you can try: skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, sled riding, and even just playing in the snow are all healthy activities. Do not forget to stay hydrated during these activities!

It is very important to stay connected during the wintertime. By keeping in touch with friends and family, your mental health will be ready for the winter blues. By gathering with friends, you lower your chances of cabin fever.

Winter can have different effects on each person. By changing just a few things this winter, you could keep yourself going without any winter hiccups. Stay warm out there and enjoy your winter hibernation, just don’t shut yourself in too much!

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