June 30, 2017
Poison Ivy Oak Sumac

Poison Plants to Avoid this Summer

Three out of four people will have a reaction to urushiol oil. This reaction could cause a severe rash that can be spread if not handled […]
June 29, 2016

Sunscreen: protect yourself this summer.

Protect yourself and your family from too much sun exposure.
October 23, 2015

Pharmacists: Medication Experts and Much More

Helping smokers quit. Managing diabetics’ blood sugar. Leading flu clinics. Pharmacists do that. They provide these and other services on top of the prescription drug dispensing […]
August 25, 2015

Reading Reduces Stress

It’s true! Reading reduces stress! Everyone knows that reading makes you smarter. It fills the brain with knowledge, builds a better memory, improves writing skills, and […]
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